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Heroes of Tenefyr

A fully cooperative deck-building game for 1 to 4 players


ulraunt's guide to the planes:

The Shadowfell

Best-selling fan-made Dungeons & Dragons supplement over 300+ pages long.

De Schildpad.png

De Schildpad

An educative children's book about a
young tortoise learning how to come out of his shell.

One Winged Pigeon.jpg

The Whirling Tower

Upcoming boardgame depicting the struggle between anthropomorphic conquistadors and Mayan Gods


Heroes of Tenefyr

The second curse

Expansion pack to 'Heroes of Tenefyr'


ulraunt's guide to the planes:


Best-selling fan-made Dungeons and Dragons supplement over 300+ pages long.

De Zwarte Donuts.jpg

De Zwarte Donuts

Op Zwemles

A humoristic children's book about a silly motor gang taking swimming lessons for the first time.

Unexplained Mysteries.jpg

Unannounced Cryptid book

Adam Turner takes us into his world of 

horrifying aquatic cryptids

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