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Welcome to OpenScam™, where I - Jimmy Nijs™ - relieve you of your hard-earned cash in exchange for funnee pictures. Now I hear you say: "Jimmy™, you darned rapscallion, why would I ever exchange my precious, precious coinage for digital imagery of subpar quality?" And I hear you, my friend, and to you, I say: "Why should I know? But if you'd want to do so, the option is there! The future is yours, my friend, so take it while you can!"

With that all being said, I hereby officially and proudly announce



There are only 4 amazing, hilarious, knee-slapping Glorfars™ available for you to purchase, so be fast and get them before they are gone, and who knows, they might become worth something eventually, so be sure to bother everyone in your contact list - whether it be on MySpace, Hyves, Yahoo Answers or whatever you youngsters use nowadays - to make the worth of Glorfars™ go TO THE MOON™ perhaps maybe if we're lucky!!!!

Also my mom doesn't understand crypto so I'm not allowed to take it but you can pay me in McDonalds Giftcards instead. ($MCDG)

Glorfar_0003_Group 3.jpg
#1 Cowboy Glorfar
0.0018 $MCDG
0.0017 $MCDG
#3 Nasty Glorfar
Glorfar_0004_Group 2.jpg
Glorfar_0002_Group 4.jpg
#2 Rosebud Glorfar
0.0019 $MCDG
0.0019 $MCDG
Glorfar_0001_Group 5.jpg
#4 NFT-Owner Glorfar
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