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about Jimmy nijs

Jimmy Nijs

My name is Jimmy Nijs, and I'm an aspiring freelance illustrator from the Netherlands and well on my way to getting my art out there and seen by the public.

   My love for experimenting with art has resulted in me becoming quite flexible when it comes to art style. Preferably I draw fantasy or horror-themed works, but a cartoonish children's book character is absolutely no problem for me at all. As long as I can draw, I'm happy.

   My inspirations come from anywhere, from literature, videogames, music and even fellow artists. Some of my great sources of inspiration are - among many, many others - Brian Froud, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Anton Pieck, Alan Lee, J.R.R. Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft.

   I aim to inspire those who view my work, and I hope to fire up their imagination, to make them think about the story behind a certain piece. Where does that creature come from? Why would it look like that? What is its purpose?


   This site is the perfect place for me to share my art to the world, my own little digital art gallery. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and if you are interested in contacting me for a job, please do not hesitate to do! I can be reached on the Contact Page or any of the social media linked on top of the page.


"Jimmy is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is very flexible, can adopt different art styles and responds well to feedback. He has positively surprised me many times with his creative ideas and fantastical designs. Highly recommended!"

- Pepijn van Loon, 

Broken Mill Games

Creator of Heroes of Tenefyr


"Jimmy has been a go-to guy for me for a few years now. He communicates well, gives updates, and is capable of truly understanding what it is you wish portrayed. Even complex things that can be hard to put into words, he just gets. Jimmy is passionate, professional, and always willing to try new things. He is truly a pleasure to work with."

- Marc Altfudisch, 

Quill and Cauldron Games

Co-Author of the Ulraunt's Guide to the Planes - series


Artistic resume


Swords & Sandals 2 Redux (2017) - Videogame by Whiskeybarrel Studios

Seek (TBD) - Horror Game by Attic Box Games

 Heroes of Tenefyr (2019) - Boardgame by Broken Mill Games

Heroes of Tenefyr: The Second Curse (2020) - Boardgame by Broken Mill Games

Epic Characters (2019) - Dungeons & Dragons Guide by Marching Modron Press

 Ulraunt's Guide to the Planes: The Shadowfell (2019) - Dungeon & Dragons guide by Marching Modron Press

Ulraunt's Guide to the Planes: Acheron (2020) - Dungeon & Dragons guide by Marching Modron Press



De Zwarte Donuts: Op Zwemles (2018) - Self-published children's book by Joan van Den Hengel

The Tortoise/De Schildpad (2019) - Self-published children's book by Annette van der Put - Blankestijn


- Graduated at CSG De Lage Waard in Papendrecht, with a HAVO    diploma

- Graduated at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, with a Game Art diploma

- Weekly traditional art course at Xandra Lapperre in Zoetermeer

Software skills:

-   Adobe Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC

-   Adobe Illustrator CS5/CS6/CC

-   Adobe Indesign CS5/CS6/CC


-   Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 - 2015


-   Basic experience with the Unity Engine.

-   Basic experience with the Source Engine using the Hammer          Editor


Traditional Skills:


-   Pencil

-   India Ink

-   Acrylic Paint

-   Watercolour Painting


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